DAY 355



DAY 364: Sometimes I feel like my life is a fairytale…

Despite the fact that my new job has taken away from my blogging I sort of feel like I’m living a fairytale. I absolutely LOVE my job. I get excited to go to work everyday. Even when I come home, I still do more work, cause I LIKE WHAT I DO. Is this normal?


DAY 363


DAY 362: I finally tried something new…

I have been avoiding the spinning craze like it’s my job. Everyone has been obsessed and I’ve been running away from it.. until, Saturday.

On Thursday Lala told me that she was dragging me to a 10:30am spin class on Saturday morning. I semi-ignored her. On Friday, when I emailed my acupuncturist for a Saturday appointment she told me I could either come in at 10:30am or 2pm. For a split second I thought about the 10:30 one.. figured it would get me out of spinning, but then I realized that doing that wasn’t worth the b*tchiness slash disappointment that would come from Lala…

So, this past Saturday, at 10:30am, I popped my spinning cherry and I. AM. NOW. OBSESSED. I even went back again today!

DAY 361: When is the last time you really really wanted something?

When is the last time you really really wanted something? My sister asked what I wanted for Christmas and I was absolutely stumped. To be honest, I haven’t been able to come up with a list for ages. Of course there are things I’d like: A two-bedroom apartment in Tribeca or Lower Fifth, some $5,000 purses.. stuff that are in the wishful “winning a $500 million lottery” category. But either I’ve grown old and lost the “wanting” or perhaps I have everything I could ever truly want?

Actually, I do remember the last thing I really wanted. It was an iPad and Santa actually brought me one two years ago…
:: time for the tree ::

DAY 360: Is this what it feels like to love your job?

Usually when I visit my parents for any holiday I try to extend my trip for as long as possible. I dread coming back to the city and going to work. I love the idea of not having to think about anything and having everything taken care of for me at home. It’s my only break from having to think about bills, budgets, groceries… LIFE…

Over the Thanksgiving break I could not wait to get back to NYC. While I had so much fun with my family, I was super excited to go to work on Monday. Is this what it feel like to love your job? Or perhaps all this pep stems from the B12 vitamins I started taking… Either way, I feel like I’m a much happier person in general now that I’m so happy with work.. It’s an amazing feeling!


DAY 359